Top 10 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes In The World

Oh, What A Night Trashed Trifle Cake

By Nevie-Pie Cakes



Pictured above, this is a deconstructed ‘trashed’ trifle cake, which is essence is a three-tiered cake plopped on top of a trifle.

Cakemaker Natasha Collins decided to create the smashed-up rhubarb and custard cake in a classic trifle, on a base of rich chocolate mud cake with a dark ganache.

The construction is topped with what looks like a traditional wedding cake – but is actually a vanilla bean sponge with a strawberry preserve – while on top of that balances a ‘pork pie’ of apple and blackberry.

Brilliantly bonkers additions like a yes-you-can-eat-it sugar-coated ashtray filled with cigarette biscuits and ash made from coconuts will make guests gasp.

‘My inspiration was the fun side of the detritus of wedding-party leftovers,’ says Natasha. ‘Everything on this cake is edible, including the lace made of rice paper (which took over a day to make) and the confetti with a craft punch.’

Cake, £4,500 (serves 300),