Top 10 Largest Islands In The World

10. Ellesmere Island, Canada, 196,236 square kilometers



By comprising an area of 196,236 square kilometers, the Ellesmere Island is the third largest Island of Canada and 10 largest Island in the world. It is located in the Nunavut province of Canada. The entire Island is dominated by majestic mountains and Icefields. It is the most mountainous region in the Arctic archipelago within the Canadian range.

Interesting Facts About Ellesmere Island

-A chain of sedimentary rocks located in the Northern parts of the Ellesmere Island aged more than 100000 years.

-The Ellesmere Island contains remnants of the last ice age.

-At an elevation of 2616 meters, the Barbeau peak is the highest point in the Nunavut province.

-The Arctic willow is the only woody species found on the Ellesmere Island.