The car without a steering wheel and pedals by Google

Recently, Google announced that is working on a new vehicle, which will go unattended. It certainly has not flying cars, but it is a big step forward.

In this model, there will be no steering wheel or pedals. You will immediately ask the question: “What, then operate this unit?”. The only management tool that will help you get to the right place, will be a navigation system. This car should be, as the developers say, an important step towards improving the safety of road transport. Safety car movement will provide a variety of laser and radar sensors that capture everything that happens on the road, with distance, as assured developers, two football fields in all directions.

Just for safety vehicle movement speed is limited to 40 km / h (25 miles / h). In the vehicle interior will be two comfortable seats, safety belts, space for things passengers, controls, power button and the end, and of course, the screen to track the route. As well as in the cabin will be enough space that would be placed fairly tall people. I wonder who will be engaged in the manufacture of license plates for this unit. Internet giant plans to build about a hundred prototype vehicles by the end of this summer.

But first, in the early versions will be installed and manually operated for safety testing. And if all goes well then Google will launch a small batch of pilot programs, which will be tested in California next couple of years. If the tests are successful, the company will cooperate with partners that would lead the technology in the world. But just as there are also disadvantages to this system. The car of the Internet giant can not move around in the rain and in the snow-covered terrain. This is due to the fact that the system identifies the area for over previously shot images. And in bad weather conditions, the system can not even distinguish a pedestrian from an ordinary telephone pole.

But the company is looking for solutions to this problem, and claims that soon all the defects are corrected. Google sure that their creations will be a prosperous future.