What is the test drive and the features of its conduct

Test drive — test drive, during which the estimated driving performance cars and its general properties. It is held for the machines, which have just been released, as well as dealerships for customers. Typically, the entire test run takes 10 to 40 minutes.

Theoretically, each customer who has a driver’s license category B may take the wheel and hold for cars Ford test drive. This is enough register by phone or fill in the form on a dedicated website. Fuel costs, insurance, compensation in case of failure are at an authorized dealer.

Features test drive

Usually car dealers for a test drive machines offer the maximum possible configuration. To do this, set the additional plant equipment. If the selected car is available in different types of body, then granted only one vehicle can be for a trip. Therefore it is necessary to call in advance and thin the what kind of car you will be given. If you live in a major city, then find a suitable car for a test drive you are likely to succeed.


To test drive typically selects a small circle, and the start and finish are near selected car dealership. Typically, the opportunity to drive 2-3 quarters. All the routes are predetermined car dealership, so they move out you are unlikely to succeed.

Filling instruments

Before you start you will be asked to fill out some official papers. Read out carefully and do not sign, if something does not agree. Documentation even dealers of the same brand may be very different, so look for a place where you will have to arrange everything. The provisions have to be spelled out:

— State machine room, her condition;
— a package of documents to be submitted to the client;
— the time of the procedure;
— requirements manager.

Once all the papers are signed, do not rush to get behind the wheel of the vehicle. Check it for visible damage and defects, such as closing the doors open, check the wipers other elements. Noteworthy:

— the rate of heating of cars;
— features the work of all parts and spare parts;
— comfortable interior;
— in the presence of noise therein.

Even if you are satisfied, you can take time out for some time and weigh again.